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         Hangzhou Eastfield Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Linping District, Hangzhou City. It is a professional manufacturer of axial fans, washing machine motors, shaded pole motors, micro axial flow fans and household electrical  accessories.
The company has advanced automatic production equipment, testing equipment and   professional technical personnel, the fan and motor developed by the company are widely used  in refrigeration industry, household appliances industry, machinery manufacturing industry and many other fields.
After years of hard research, the company's products have been highly recognized by many equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. We will continue to improve and perfect ourselves, to provide our customers with excellent products and good service.

Hangzhou Eastfield Electronic Co., Ltd

          Eastfield electronic co., Ltd. is located in Linping District, Hangzhou City, the south    wing of the central city of Changsan, China. It is a professional manufacturer of external rotor axial flow fans, washing machine motors, cover pole motors, micro axial flow fans   and  household  electrical  accessories.


Exported to over 30 countries

More than 30 R&D personnel

4 production bases

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development history


Establish a factory to stamp the stator and rotor laminations of washing machine motors

Developing the Ningbo washing machine market


Started producing motors to support well-known brands of washing machines in the early 1990s


Independently expanding overseas markets and starting to provide electricity for internationally renowned home appliance brands


Establish an electromagnetic wire business unit and start producing aluminum wire motors


Construction of Nanyang Phase II Factory Breaks Ground


Establish a Tubular Motor Business Unit


plant environment

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NO.588  Wangmei  Road,  Linping  District,  Hangzhou